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Listen, look, love...


Two versions of this highly anticipated book are available right now!  The text only version: Sabbath Summer, Simply is yours for only $10.  Sabbath Summer, four-color pictures and text, is $25 for soft cover and $40 for hard cover.  The books lend themselves to devotion, quiet and rest for you. 

Ninety-two days of writing....about peace, quiet and Sabbath.  Here's a sample...


From today’s “God Wants You To Know”:  

On this day of your life, we believe God wants you to know...... that your home is sacred. Where you live makes a big difference. Every little thing in your home influences you through its colors, shapes, textures, smells. Take a look around your home, - what can you change to transform your home into a place of communion.

The little things in my home – colors, shapes, textures, smells – that be transformed into a place of communion?

Communion – defined as the act of sharing; possession in common; participation: a communion of interest; the act of sharing one's thoughts and emotions with another or others; intimate conversation; an intimate relationship with deep understanding; a group of Christians professing the same faith and practicing the same rites; denomination; a sharing in, or celebrating of, the Eucharist, or Holy Communion  (Webster’s New World College Dictionary)

Possession in common – participation.  Certainly, there is that.  The act of sharing one’s thoughts and emotions with another or  others; intimate relationship with deep understanding – getting to be more and more with my husband and our children.

Sharing in, or celebrating of, the Eucharist, or Holy Communion.  Someone told me once that every time we eat together, we are sharing communion – that God’s present at each  of these gatherings.  

How sacred each bowl of cereal!  It’s not even that everything has to be in its  right place or in an exact position.  It’s a calmness, a safe place to be.

I watch the dogs sleep and they dream, run in place, twitch now and then, yet they rest quietly.  The room itself breathes stillness.

The breath of God – here, there, in the kitchen, the backyard.  Catching glimpses of God by consciously looking and waiting, I sense communion  here… communion God wants with each of us.  

Communion between one another as we realize the sacredness of ourselves.  

Holy living – even with our tempers, torn pants, big stomachs and scarred minds – because we are breathing God.